Group exercise classes are a GREAT way to get all the exercise you need, in a fun, motivational environment, whilst grooving to the latest hit tunes!
Your Ambitionz club offers a great range of Les Mills and style classes to choose from.

Perhaps you’d like to try the famous BODYPUMP – a class that strengthens and tones every muscle in your body.

Then there’s one of our many cardio classes like BodyAttack, BodyStep, BoxFit or RPM that will have your heart racing so fast you’ll be huffing and puffing your way into shape!

But if you’re looking for a cardiovascular workout that’s not so intense, never fear Ambitionz have got that too. Classes such as Fitball, Bokwa and Yoga are ideal for beginners or those wanting to slow down the pace a little BodyBalance classes combine yoga, pilates and tai chi together to provide endless health benefits that include building core strength, increasing flexibility and relaxing your mind.