Group exercise classes are a GREAT way to get all the exercise you need, in a fun, motivational environment, whilst grooving to the latest hit tunes!
Your Ambitionz club offers a great range of Les Mills and style classes to choose from.

Perhaps you’d like to try the famous BODYPUMP – a class that strengthens and tones every muscle in your body.

Then there’s one of our many cardio classes like BodyAttack, BodyStep, BoxFit or RPM that will have your heart racing so fast you’ll be huffing and puffing your way into shape!

But if you’re looking for a cardiovascular workout that’s not so intense, never fear Ambitionz have got that too. Classes such as Fitball, Bokwa and Yoga are ideal for beginners or those wanting to slow down the pace a little BodyBalance classes combine yoga, pilates and tai chi together to provide endless health benefits that include building core strength, increasing flexibility and relaxing your mind.


Ambitionz features an exclusive Ladies Only training studio. This allows women to workout in a comfortable and totally private environment. Our ladies only studio features a full cardio theatre, machine strength equipment, weights and a stretching area. The perfect place for the women to relax, wind down and get the results they are after in a totally male-free zone!.


Ambitionz offer a spacious state of the art Cardio Theatre. Here you will find a variety of fat-burning machines to enjoy at your leisure in air conditioned comfort. Cardio work-outs are a proven way to improve your endurance and stamina and are a vital part of every training program.


Whether you want to bulk up or trim down, weight training is an essential component to achieving your desired results. Not only are you increasing strength, but also improving muscle tone and definition. Lean muscle mass also increases your metabolic rate thus assisting fat burning throughout your day.

Ergonomic pin loaded machines are great for beginners, and with time and experience, eventually advancing to free-weights and plate-loaded machines.


Ambitionz understands that parents with young children deserve the right to some time to themselves just as much as anyone else – so we’ve got the solution! Ambitionz have a child minding facility operating morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday – the time we know is most convenient for parents to work out! We can mind your little ones aged from as young as 6 weeks. Up to and including 12 years (a small fee applies) Fully compliant with Department of Human Services adjunct care guidelines, our child care facility provides a fun, social and safe environment for your children. Our fully qualified and experienced staff are there to care for your childs needs while offering stimulating activities that will keep them so happy, they will never want to leave! Bookings are per child for one hour. Consecutive bookings on the same day are extra.

Bookings or cancellations are essential. These, and any other enquiries can be made via reception or directly to crèche staff during operating hours.

Monday – Thursday 8:30-9:30am, 9:30-10:30am & 4:30-5:30pm, 5:30-6:30pm.
Friday 8:30-9:30am, 9:30-10:30am & 5:30pm-6:30pm (subject to numbers).
Saturday 8:30am- 11:00am (Subject to numbers).



At Ambitionz, we believe that investing in one-on-one personal training sessions can be the BEST way for our members to keep motivated and to achieve their desired results – fast.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, muscle tone, sport-specific training, rehabilitation, or simply to maintain your current body shape, personal training at Ambitionz can help you!

Ambitionz employs fully qualified and motivated personal trainers who really want to see you reach your goals!

Our trainers promise to give you 110% of their attention throughout each one-on-one session as they use their knowledge to prescribe the best exercise methods for you – as an individual.


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